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RoommateNation is a system specifically designed for individuals who are looking to find roommates and share properties. There are plenty of advantages to property shares; not only to split those tricky bills but also for a more social experience when moving into new accommodation. RoommateNation realises this and makes a particular effort to make sure that properties are not rented from landlords who don’t live in the property themselves. There are definite benefits to this insistence, the primary one being that landlords are more likely to take care of their properties if they live in it with you. Students are also given extra attention, allowing them to search for properties based on their distance from a particular college or school. They also offer a range of tips on vital issues such as how to communicate with landlords and how best to find roommates using their system. All of these factors demonstrate that the site has thought about their service and how it might best benefit its members.

Though RoommateNation punches above its weight in the areas described it is a little let down by its very short FAQ section. Members can send inquiries through the website, though a more extensive FAQ would help to solve problems before this was necessary. There are plenty of properties and members available and you might be surprised at the results you receive on a basic search. You can choose to search for a room or a member who needs a room, the location of a room, the minimum and maximum cost, preferred gender and preferred smoking habits. It might have been useful to provide more search options, particularly given the massive number of results you can sometimes be presented with, but overall the sheer quantity of members and properties means that you’re very likely to find something that suits you, even if it takes a little longer to find. The price is right too! Although you can’t do a great deal with a free membership other than view basic profiles and profile pictures, the upgrade costs are minimal on RoommateNation. A month’s upgrade costs just $3.99 (3 days at $2.99 seems madness comparatively) and allows you to view more extensive profiles and to send and receive messages.  

On signing up  you are able to include a lot of important information regarding the kind of property you’re looking for and the lifestyle choices you make. This helps others to realise whether or not you might be compatible. It’s often too easy to rush in with the first person who comes along but RoommateNation’s in depth profiles mean that you can make a more informed decision. If you’re someone who needs a quiet place to study then it’s a bad idea to move in with 3 party goers. Equally, issues such as preferred sleeping times and cleanliness are important to consider when thinking about the minor irritations that might occur day to day when living with someone. RoommateNation has covered all of this.

RoommateNation is a reliable, value for money service with enough properties and roommates to ensure that the majority of people will find what they are looking for. Its search features and customer service could use some tweaks but generally it’s a solid site to help you find the roommate or property you need.

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