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If you’re about to head to college and want to share your room with someone without the possibility of meeting a nasty surprise, then look no further! RoomSurf is an ingenious system which allows students to find roommates prior to leaving the nest.

It’s a simple but effective idea and, as RoomSurf points out, knowing your roommates before you move in with them can really be beneficial, not only to your enjoyment of college but also to your grades! The key reason for unhappiness and students dropping out of college, they tell us, is disagreements with roommates. A happier student life with people who you are more likely to get on well with will help to create a calm and confident atmosphere for learning and you may be less likely to encounter confrontations which interrupt your study.

Signing up is relatively easy but does require you to have a Facebook account, somewhat an irritation if you don’t have a Facebook profile. But assuming you are a fan of the social networking site, you then fill out a comprehensive survey which helps to match you with other users. The questions asked are relevant and should provide a good grounding on which to base a potential room share. Questions surrounding cleanliness, sleeping patterns and even the preferred room temperature might sound a bid ludicrous but actually are well considered because these elements can be big issues when you’re in such close proximity with others. You can also tell people about your course of study and select whether or not they are studying similar subjects. This can be especially useful because it means that your potential roommate can share similar interests and you could even help each other study. You may also select how important an issue is to you, which will help match you to people who feel similarly. You can also upload photos and videos, the video profile in particular is a good way of getting across your personality.

RoomSurf is a relatively easy site to navigate though changing search options could be made easier. Searching is also quite limited, and the site tends to rely on matching you to others, rather than a free rein of the site. Customer support consists of a list of FAQ  which answers most of the key issues but not all of them. In particular we found it difficult to locate information about upgrade costs and the benefits of doing so. You can start chatting to a member by finding them on Facebook or through an email system on RoomSurf, which is where the Facebook link might be a great benefit because you can see the sorts of comments and posts a person makes and the sorts of things they are doing in their photos. RoomSurf also offers a mutual agreement option, which means that when you’ve found a roommate you like you can both agree to move in together and send an official request to the college. It is important to remember, though, that the site is not affiliated with any colleges in an official capacity, so your request for shared accommodation is only to demonstrate a general agreement between you and your potential roommate.

RoomSurf offers an interesting service which has real life implications and might save you a lot of hassle, potentially improving your college experience and grades. More information and choice around the site would be useful but in general it does a swift and informed job of helping you find people who you might want to live with through an innovative survey and matching system.

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