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Roommates.com is one of the biggest roommate finding and matching sites on the internet. With a US focus it makes the process of finding someone to live much easier by allowing its members to search for roommates or accept matching suggestions.

Searching profiles on the site is an enjoyable affair, with a number of extra choices to filter out people you know you wouldn’t suit. However this search is not as extensive as searching can be on some other matching sites which ask important questions about hygiene and lifestyle. A good number of members have opted to include a photo or two of themselves and to add a few words about what they are like and the sort of person they would like to live with. This gives a clear idea of the person, which compensates somewhat for the lack of detail on some profiles. Primarily Roommates' profile creation focuses on location and price range, though the sign up process goes into SO much detail about the locations you do or do not want to live in that it quickly becomes an annoyance. At least you only need to sign up once!

Non-paying members have restrictions placed on what they are able to do on Roommates.com, but full members (known as “choice members”) are able to view complete member profiles and photos, view comments and maps, and access RoomMail messages from other members. It’s almost essential to pay for this upgrade to take full advantage of its services as it’s risky to send your contact details to someone when you can’t read their replies to your messages. This is one of the most expensive roommate sites we’ve reviewed, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad value for money. Its membership numbers and the security provided by sending messages through its server (rather than through a personal address or by making a phone call) are really what you’re paying for. If you find a few profiles of people who you think you’d really get on with then it seems a little silly not to talk with them for the sake of a few dollars, right?  

There aren’t a lot of features to discuss on Roommates.com. We’d like to have seen more chat options and a better quality of photo upload available, particularly given that its users are often paying members. Many members have opted to use an “emoticon” (a smiley/moody/silly yellow face) rather than upload a photo of themselves, which is fine but makes them less distinct. Customer support consists of a listed FAQ; though not particularly well organised it does cover most of the major issues and questions people might have, and you can contact the help team if necessary. There are a few reports of scammers using Roommates, though the site administrators seem aware of the issue and have put warnings on the site. Either way, it’s worth bearing in mind and staying alert when using the site.

The site offers a matching service or the ability to search for a roommate yourself, giving you a few roommate-finding options. It would benefit from offering a few more features (articles, chat features, profile options) but ultimately the price means that you’ll get serious, genuine roommate seekers signing up. With impressive membership numbers you’re likely to find a roommate to suit your personality and property needs on Roommates.com!

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